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For thousands of years, women have used lipstick to enhance their beauty. The ancient Egyptians used to crush insects and use their color for lip stain. As time progressed, the ingredients of lipstick moved toward a more plant-based structure. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I during the 16th century, lipstick was made of beeswax and plant stains.

Discontinued Lipstick Today, lipstick is made of pigments, oils, wax and emollients. All of these items work together to give texture and color to the lips. Moisturizing lipsticks have other ingredients in them, such as vitamin E, to help soften and hydrate lip skin. Sheer lipstick contains a higher amount of oil for high shine, but they need to be applied more often and will seem darker in the tube than they do when applied. Cream lipsticks have a higher wax concentration, while mattes will often dry the lips.

Different formulations of lipstick can produce different effects. For instance, some manufacturers of long-wearing lipstick use a clay base to help the lipstick last through eating and drinking. Plumping lipsticks usually contain a product which is a messenger peptide. This stimulates the collagen in lips, producing the plumping effect.

Discontinued Cosmetics Buyer's Guide    

Price and quality are necessary considerations for every consumer, but it's important to consider other factors too. For example, certain ingredients contained in lipsticks can cause allergic reactions for some people. There are hypo-allergenic lipsticks that work for some people, but many need to use alternatives or nothing at all.

While the ingredients of lipstick have varied greatly over the years, its popularity has grown immensely. Finding the right one is dependent on the effect you're trying to achieve. Unfortunately, sometimes you find the perfect lipstick and then it becomes discontinued. Thankfully, there are great resources online to purchase discontinued lipstick and discontinued cosmetics.

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